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Source Measure Units (SMU)


Keithley 2460

High Current SourceMeter SMU


       吉時利 Keithley 2460   數字源表儀器 
  • Tightly coupled: combines capabilities from analyzers, curve tracers, and I-V systems
  • Wide coverage up to 105 V, 7A DC/7 A pulse, 100 W maximum
  • Five-inch, high resolution capacitive touchscreen GUI
  • 0.012% basic measure accuracy with 6-1/2 digit resolution
  • Source and sink (4-quadrant) operation
  • Four "Quickset" modes for fast setup and measurements
  • Context-sensitive help function
  • Front panel input banana jacks; rear panel input mass-termination screw connections
  • 2460 SCPI and TSP® scripting programming modes
  • Front-panel USB 2.0 memory I/O port for transferring data, test scripts, or test configurations
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