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High Voltage Differential Probes 高壓差動探棒


Teledyne LeCroy HVD3106A

1kV, 120 MHz High Voltage Differential Probe with Auto Zero Disconnect


  • 1 kV, 2 kV, 6 kV CAT safety rated models
  • Widest differential voltage ranges available
  • Exceptional common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) across a broad frequency range
  • 1% gain accuracy
  • High offset capability at both high and low attenuation
  • AC and DC coupling
  • ProBus active probe interface with automatic scaling
  • AutoZero with auto disconnect switch
  • Wide oscilloscope compatibility


Exceptional Common-Mode Rejection Ratio

The CMRR for the probes is exceptional out to very high frequencies, greatly improving measurement capability in the noisy, high common-mode environments found in power electronics. The high CMRR combined with low probe noise and high offset capability provides superior measurement capabilities compared to other HV differential probes.

High Precision Measurements

HVD3000A series probes provide 1% gain accuracy enabling precise voltage measurements. AutoZero capability ensures further measurement precision by allowing small offset drifts to be calibrated out of the measurement. This feature can be applied without removing the HVD3000A leads from the device under test.

Widest Application Coverage

The HVD3000A series cover the fullest range of applications, from 120/240 V switch-mode power supplies through 600 V class and 5 kV class electrical apparatus. Each model has the best available gain accuracy, widest differential and offset voltage range, and superior CMRR.

1500 Vdc CAT III Rating

The HVD3206A supports 1500 Vdc solar photovoltaic (PV) measurements per the IEC/EN 61010- 031:2015 standard. It has a 1500 Vdc CAT III and a 2000 V (DC+peakAC) CAT I rating.

Complete Probe Integration

The ProBus interface provides power and communication to the probe eliminating the need for a separate power supply or batteries. Attenuation is automatically selected based on oscilloscope gain range (V/div) setting.